Golden Flag Award

Golden Flag Award

Golden Flag Award, an award for Upright Influence.
Golden Flag Award was found in 2010, after 11 years of development, it had became the most influenced and renowned award for PR & marketing field in China's communication sector. By solicited the typical cases that lead the innovation of PR, emphasis PR's unique value in social and economic life, Golden Flag Award revealed PR's tremendous value that drive the social progress and business development from commercial communication perspective.
Since its founding, Golden Flag Award's authority and professionalism had attracted many Top 500 companies to participate in. Include: BMW, Volkswagon, Audi, Samsung China, Starbucks China, Amway China, China Merchant Bank, CITIC bank, Tencent,, Huawei, Honeywell China, Lenovo, ASUS, China Ping An, COFCO, Mengniu, Yili, Moutai and etc, covered dozens of sectors such as Automobile Manufacturing, IT, FMCG, Consumer, Energy, eCommerce, Tourism, Food and so forth.

Mission Showcase China's Business Civilization
Vision Chinese Cases are introduced into Global Business Schools
Value Responsibility, Professionalism, Innovation

Why participate in?

● Honor brand's social responsibility, marketing influence and innovation, build positive image.
●  Awards, Interviews, Rights of use GFA IP, and award-winning cases cited into (Golden Flag Award Case Studies).
●  Recognize brand's communication team's professionalism by 100 successful brand managers and PR agencies.
●  Awards for Top Organizations, Best Individuals, Best Newcomers. Invite to join GFA Judges' Group.
Social Value:
●  Solicite excellent PR campaigns for social development, to empower industrial progress and professional training.
●  From 2013-2020, 27 GFA Award winning cases were cited into textbook in China's Tier 1 Universities. Engaged over 2 million PR practitioners and students.
Global Communication:
●  Build brand‘s reputation worldwide.
●  Enter global TOP100 Business schools as typical commercial communication campaigns.
●  Join PRGC, show and share your campaigns in international events!

Media exposure

Micro-blog: Close to tens of millions of exposures
WeChat:Exposure nearly 500 thousand

Online media coverage:
NetEase, Sohu, Tencent, Beiqing net, Guangming Daily,,,,, Eastday,, 21CN,,, and,,,, China daily, Chinese Enterprises News Network, Chinese Broadcast Network,, and other hundreds of major online media.

Mobile media Apps coverage:
Toutiao, Yidian, iFeng, NetEase, Tencent, Sohu Express, Sina, Baidu, Jianshu, Dayu, UC Column, Beijing time, Zhihu Column etc.
1000+ original network report, 5000+ network media reproduced, 20+ video website and television media reports, 100+ copies of print media reports.
Communication cumulative service 30 million + industry practitioners, media total value of 10 million.